Type of Sleep Consultations

Baby & Child Sleep consultants offer a variety of consultations/services to suit parents and their budgets. Consider what kind of sleep problem you want to solve, the smaller issues may only require a phone/email/Skype consultation, whereas the bigger issues may be best dealt with an in home visit.

Here are some of the types of sleep services that some sleep consultants offer.

Home Visit Consultation

The sleep consultant comes to the comfort of your home and provides one on one baby sleep consultancy, support and education. This is a good option if you feel that this will benefit your situation the most as you are able to see, learn and practice the methods used on your baby, which will increase your confidence. Home visits can be during the day, evening and overnight.

Phone Consultation / Skype Consultation/ Email Consultation

A one on one consultation can be given over the phone, Skype or email. This is a good option if you want to talk to someone as soon as possible with any specific issues such as self-settling, feeding issues, early wakes and toddler tactics etc. This is a good option if your preferred sleep consultant is unable to attend your home. This may also be suitable if you are confident in implementing change on your own but just need some advice on a specific issue or need help developing a routine.

Online Programs

Another way to get same help and advice is by purchasing an online baby sleep program. Usually you would purchase the sleep program by the child or baby’s age and then the pdf. Or download link would be emailed to you instantly. Some online programs may include some follow up email support. You can search for baby sleep consultants who offer online programs via the search bar “Find a sleep consultant

Sleep Schools

Each sleep school operates differently in how they help parents and their baby/child get to sleep. The baby is usually admitted as a patient and accompanied by the parent. The stay is usually for a few nights. Some people like this option because parents are away from the home and stresses of home life, whilst others find it restrictive. Be prepared to learn new methods or strategies and practice at home. Some private health funds cover a large portion of the costs but usually there is a waiting period and only accept certain age groups.

Seminars/mother group talks/workshops

Many newborn, baby and toddler sleep consultants now offer seminars, group talks or workshops. A good option if there is a group of people wanting to learn more about sleeping issues or you can arrange with a consultant to focus on a topic relevant to the group.

Now that you are aware of the types of consultations available please visit our link what to ask when hiring a sleep consultant



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