Riff Raff and Co Sleep Toy

by Riff Raff & Co Sleep Toy


Riff Raff & Co sleep toys have been designed to be used as a toy to promote sleep. Through the use of sound, comfort and routine these toys support babies and toddlers in falling asleep and resettling.


Riff Raff and Co sleep toys are a washable comforter that has a removable sound box, which plays a magical lullaby and white noise.  Designed to help soothe and settle your baby during sleep, hard for your little ones to resit with 5 adorable cuddly characters

All of our sleep toys have the following nifty features:

  • Washable
  • Plays a white noise with heartbeat
  • Plays our MAGICAL lullaby
  • Two volume and playback settings
  • Dummy holder (amen!)
  • Security strap to adhere to cots, prams and carseats

Sure they are great for building a positive sleep association and promote self settling during the evenings..  But what else are they good for?  With time Riff Raff & Co sleep toys will become your little one’s bestie. They become the very important ‘transitional object’ which helps support little ones during periods of change and normal anxieties such as separation from mum and dad, starting childcare, immunisations and other.

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Riff Raff & Co Sleep Toy