Pramrolla baby sleep aid

by Pramrolla


Pramrolla re-creates the same gentle sensation of motion that a baby feels in their pram when on a normal pram or car ride to bring on sleep, without actually going anywhere.

The days of walking the streets or pacing around your home pushing the pram to get your baby off to sleep are over.


Pramrolla is designed for parents who just want to get their baby to sleep or to extend their baby’s sleep times.

Pramrolla was design by and is 100% Australian owned by a Melbourne Mum and Dad who had 3 boys under the age of 3.5 years of age.  Sleep times for their third baby became increasingly more difficult with their attention needing to be divided amongst the competing needs of multiple kids.

Pramrolla simply recreates the same feeling in the pram that has been sending babies off to sleep forever. It uses the proven method of motion to help get your baby off to sleep, day or night, without you needing to go anywhere.

A small device sits under a wheel of any 3 or 4-wheel full size pram, and creates a gentle feeling of motion. This very gentle vibration, coupled with low level white noise from the motor is all that Pramrolla does – but that’s all it needs to do!!

Great for all babies, especially those who love to sleep in a pram or car.

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