Joey Pouch Swaddle Bag

by Bubbaroo


Our beautiful 100% knitted cotton waffle wrap will making swaddling baby a breeze! Baby can self-soothe and not undo their wrap. It also has a bottom opening zip. So easy to use…

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According to research, swaddling babies assists better quality sleep in the first few months. Helping keep babies on their back increases peace of mind and reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Limb movement allows baby to calm down, resettle and stay covered meaning longer, uninterrupted periods of sleep.

The Joey Pouch® lets allows for movement of arms and legs.  Babies can sleep in their natural ‘arms up’ position and frog their legs to protect against hip dysplasia. Our Joey Pouch prevents baby’s startle reflex and stops baby from scratching their face. Once baby can rock n’ roll from back to tummy, it’s time to transition to the Joey Pod Transitional Swaddle or the Joey Swag® baby sleeping bag if you want to progress baby straight to free arm movement.

Our Joey Pouch is different. While there’s slight pressure around your baby’s body, it’s designed to be comforting and not straight-jacket like. Rest assured that the Joey Pouch® allows for movement for baby’s arms and legs – they can even frog and kick with our bell shaped swaddle design.

In the Joey Pouch®, baby can self-soothe and settle by sucking on thumbs, finger or hands otherwise restrained. Bubbaroo design with ease in mind – night time feeding without needing to unwrap baby, bottom opening zip for quick nappy change and safer handling of wrapped bub.


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