Fly LegsUp for Kids- Flight Hammock

by Fly LegsUp for Kids- Flight Hammock


Air travel for kids is now easier and comfortable with Fly LegUps, the portable hammock that turns your plane seat into a bed for your child.


Our patented Fly LegsUp for Kids makes flying with children easier and less stressful – it makes the most of the space available in their economy seat.

The hammock and the pillows can be arranged into different positions, according to what is required. You can make a flat platform for small children to sleep and play on, just like their bed at home. They have more room to spread out and play and it will also help to stop their toys falling onto the floor and getting lost.

  • Kids can continue to wear a seat belt whilst using the hammock.
  • It’s just like a bed, so little children can curl up and go to sleep.
  • Your child’s favourite pillow makes it just like their cot at home!


  •  Suitable for infants, children and adults
  •  Ultra-light and compact design, weighing less than 500g
  •  Clips to your handbag, belt or luggage
  •  Washable and durable

For more information or to see how the Fly legsUp work, visit our website.


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Fly LegsUp for Kids- Flight Hammock