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About The Sleep Dept

Sleep. It’s one of the big 3 essentials that humans need to survive, thrive and function at their very best. The Sleep Dept. will educate and encourage you, using a gentle technique that has transformed countless families’ lives, and help you and your family regain those essential hours of rest that we all need to get through the day - without the 15 long blacks.

This isn’t a one size fits all program - we will carefully create a sleeping plan that is catered to your child, as we all know, each baby is so different. We will be there every step, cheering you on as we regain a full

With our guidance, your family and your child will become well rested, revitalized and be able to harness one of life’s biological necessities - the art of sleep. A baby sleep issue can very quickly turn into a family sleep issue.

If you feel like The Sleep Dept is right for you and your child, start feeling empowered and contact us today!

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