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About Parents2B

All parents would agree with me – there is a large amount of differing and often confusing opinions, techniques and ideas when it comes to ‘advice’ on sleep and settling associated with babies.

Google, Facebook, publications, friends, family, and health professionals – the list is endless when it comes to this ‘advice’. I believe that there are many aspects that can impact on your baby’s sleep. From feeding, environment, and sleep associations – the list is endless. I also know from personal experience how stressful it can be when your baby doesn’t sleep.

Parents2B looks at the entire, holistic picture when it comes to your baby’s sleep and use settling techniques that are not only age dependent but also family influenced. I aid with routines that are flexible yet structured and most importantly adapted specifically to you and your baby. Parents know their baby best and it is essential that your baby feels safe and supported when learning to put themselves to sleep. We work together to decide on an individual strategy that you are all comfortable with and one that you can repeatedly follow through from beginning to end.

Prior to either consultation I do ask for a 24-hour diary of current feeds, sleep and settling. This allows me to have a true picture as to where the family is currently at when it comes to sleep.

ALL consultations offer ongoing support. P2B believes this is essential for any successful sleep training outcome. This support not only allows for much needed support but also trouble shooting for circumstances that may not have been discussed/occurred during your consultation.

There is no such thing as a ‘no cry’ settling technique. We all know babies cry – it’s their way of communicating. What you do to support your baby through sleep training is a personal choice. You do not need to leave your baby during sleep training if you do not wish to. P2B encourages very hands on, presence techniques. On the same note – if you are happy to leave them (this also depends on their age) then that’s OK too.

Parents2B works with YOU and YOUR baby!

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