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Lyndal – Your Little Dreams Sleep Consultant

I am a certified sleep consultant. I pride myself on working with parents to suit their parenting style and lifestyle whilst using gentle and strong sleep training methods. I am a mum myself and have been in your shoes, I understand the sleep deprivation that all parents go through and I will offer you practical, professional, friendly and empathetic advice to get your children or babies sleeping and have a harmonious home.

I first found my passion for baby and infant sleep when I had my daughter 3 years ago. Ebony was a shocking sleeper and I was very much sleep deprived. I took Ebony to our local day stay sleep program and learnt some valuable lessons which I started to implement right away at home.
From there Ebony was starting to learn to self-settle and resettle, was on a strict routine and I felt the urge to want to help other parents, as I did not want them to feel the sleep deprivation that I felt.

I’ve now helped so many families and the very best part of my career is hearing about the amazing results and progress that has occurred.

It is important for all parents to feel comfortable in the method they choose along with the sleep plan that is made for them by me but also ready to make the changes too. I am grateful that I have found my calling and I hope to help many more parents now and in the years to come!

If you feel like Little Dreams Sleep Consulting is right for you and your child, contact me today!

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