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About Bubba Bedtime Baby & Infant Sleep Consultant

At Bubba bedtime, we create personalized sleep solutions for families from newborns to infants 0-4 years. Clients can choose in-home consultations, telephone and overnight support options. The focus is on a personalized solution that caters to your family needs and helps you achieve your parenting goals.

Bubba Bedtime incorporates fundamentals such as emotional well-being, health, sleep environment, nutrition, dietary requirements, sleep associations and parenting styles, which may contribute to sleep disruption before moving onto sleep training.

Parents are encouraged to combine information with their natural instincts to strengthen the existing bond they have with their child and help everyone get back to a good night’s sleep.

About Aprilla

Aprilla is a certified Baby and Infant sleep consultant who has worked with families in Australia and abroad to give their children the gift of sleep. She is extremely passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with families.

We believe that each baby is an individual and that a one size fits all approach to sleep training doesn’t work. Through our science-based, holistic approach we nurture healthy sleep habits and encourage babies and children to love the sleep they need.

If you feel like Bubba Bedtime Baby & Infant Sleep Consultant is right for you and your child, contact us today!

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