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Introducing the Baby Sleep Magic App!!

The Baby Sleep Magic App is a virtual experience which follows the same proven life changing advice that Chantal guides parents through in a personalised consultation.

We'll improve help you improve your child’s sleep using a holistic approach without the need for sleep training or CIO! It will also boost confidence and provide you with the knowledge, advice, and tools you need to enjoy your parenting journey. 

The information inside the App can help you with cat naps and linking sleep cycles! I'll show you with video tutorials how to how to put your baby to sleep in their own cot it will also help you reduce night wakings, increase nap times, manage sickness, teething and regressions, set up flexible routines and improve your baby’s sleep in general!

Also Inside the App:

  • A virtual consultation where you will be taken through a  7 part series of videos that lay out the key core fundamentals to achieving healthy sleep habits.
  • Sleep packages & sleep guides relevant form Newborn through to 4-year-olds
  • Settling options - 11 alternate settling options, Including videos and tutorials to guide you every step of the way.
  • 100+ Additional resources - Your all-in-one survival guide for tips, advice & answers for everyday situations
  • Nutritional advice - Food guides and example menus using practical & realistic meals from our Accredited Dietician
  • 65+ Recipes - along with video tutorials on the introduction of solids, allergies, fussiness, food preparation.
  • Global community forum - The subscription also gives you access to the Baby Sleep Magic community, where you can ask for help and get tailored advice!Benefits:
  • Improve your baby's sleep within 10 days with less crying and less stress!
  • It will help you achieve great naps & a consolidated 10-12 hours overnight!
  • Achieving longer naps
  • Reduce anxiety around naps and sleep
  • Achieve a consolidated 10-12 hours overnight
  • Implement a holistic approach without the need for CIO
  • And so much more!

Chantal also offers in-home and Online consultations. 

For more information on the App or Chantals consultations visit

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