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About Baby Sleep Magic

My name is Chantal and I am here to help you and your exhausted family.  I am a stay at home mother of two based on the Gold Coast QLD and a qualified baby & child sleep consultant.

I made the decision to become a baby sleep consultant as a result of my own personal experience. I have a passion for wanting to help parents teach their babies or children, the important skills they need to create healthy sleep habits.

Baby Sleep Magic offers you the support and the solutions that really work, when:

  • You are struggling to get your baby to sleep through the night
  • You have a baby that catnaps, feeds irregularly and is an erratic sleeper
  • You are exhausted, sleep deprived, running on empty as a result of your baby's poor sleeping habit
  • You just don't know what to do anymore!

Baby Sleep Magic is an online and in-home support service for families. My methods do not involve crying-it-out as there is a gentle, proven method to get a good night’s sleep for you and your child.

I work closely with you to provide the guidance and techniques to maintain a routine that gets your baby to sleep better at night and/or during the day.

I evaluate your baby’s current routine and eliminate the reasons why your baby is not sleeping soundly.  My methods are kind, gentle and work, ensuring a good night's sleep for the whole family.

My easy to follow sleep plans will provide you with the necessary skills to improve your baby’s sleeping habits and I will support you every step of the way.  I offer a caring approach that enables parents to continue the process long after the consultation is over.

If you feel like this is for you and your child contact Baby Sleep Magic today!

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