Why I choose Connection over Controlled Crying.

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Written by Shae Cox from Sleep Play Love, with excerpts from “Sleep Play Love” – the book

By the time we contemplate seeking help to get our beloved little ones the sleep they so desperately need to thrive, we are so extremely sleep deprived that we are struggling to function and our ability to think has all but diminished.Continue Reading →

5 Common sleep myths de-bunked!

common sleep myths

When you are a new parent, there is a lot of advice given about baby sleep. Karen from Nurture Parenting, a baby sleep expert and midwife is here to de-bunk some sleep myths.

As a baby sleep expert and midwife I hear so many urban myths surrounding sleep and I think it’s time to put them to bed – literally! Here are my top five diamonds.Continue Reading →

Baby waking too early? Here’s why.

Baby waking too early

Is your baby waking too early?  Aprilla, a certified baby and infant sleep consultant from Bubba Bedtime gives us some reasons why your baby might be waking early and some tips on how to help them sleep longer.

It’s not even 9:00 am, you and baby have already been up before sunrise, and you’ve lost count of the number of coffees you’ve consumed to keep you awake hovering around the functioning mark. Sound familiar? If you’re reading this through sleep-deprived eyes you are not alone, your baby waking too early, is one of the most common headaches parents face with their little ones and usually the last piece of the puzzle to fall into place regarding your baby’s sleep.Continue Reading →

When is it Time to Engage a Sleep Consultant?

Baby Sleep Consultant Adelaide

Research suggests that sleeping problems are the primary cause of concern and frustration in new mothers. Also, it could take several years to identify the root cause of sleeping issues and implement suitable methods to resolve them.

Sleep is an extremely important part of the overall well-being of a baby. Studies indicate that poor sleep could have a negative impact on the emotional, physical, and mental health of the parent and the baby. In fact, the lack of sleep or disturbed sleep has been associated with poor behavior, ADHD, adolescent obesity and several other health disorders in both the child and the mother.

Who is a sleep consultant?

A sleep consultant is someone who works with new parents in a variety of different areas such as sleep techniques, settling methods, creating a healthy routine, switching from cot/crib to bed, safe co-sleeping, and general discipline at home.

Even though parents may try a couple of different sleep training methods, the results could be quite disappointing. Also, parents tend to feel low on energy after a certain point of time because they themselves are sleep deprived. If you’ve reached a point where you’re feeling highly frustrated with the ongoing sleeping problems with your baby, it may be time to seek help from a sleep consultant.

First and foremost, a sleep consultant helps you understand that every infant is different. So, it is a waste of time to compare your baby’s sleep habits with another. A sleep consultant is typically trained in a number of different techniques and can take a more informed decision on which methods work best for your baby. They also take into consideration your comfort level and parenting style while deciding on a technique.

By taking the help of a sleep consultant, you don’t have to waste your precious time and energy in searching for ‘popular’ methods on the Internet or keeping up with guesswork for months.

If you feel like you’re ready for an expert baby sleep consultant, check out our directory for a baby sleep specialist today.


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Coping with a new baby and sleep deprivation

Baby Sleep Consultant Melbourne

Fragmented or broken sleep is known to be a major cause of general fatigue. In addition to this, it also has a significant impact on your thinking and how you cope with your daily activities. And of course, with a new born baby, the load of your day-to- day work increases tenfold. So, you need even more energy in order to manage all your responsibilities.

But how do you do that when your baby cries throughout the night and you’re left with a meagre hour or two of sleep?Continue Reading →