About – Baby Sleep Support

Hi, my name is Belinda and I want to help sleep deprived, exhausted mums find help and support in getting their baby, toddler or child to sleep.

Baby Sleep Support is designed to help tired and time poor parents find the right sleep consultant or baby sleep expert, to support and help them with their unsettled child.

You see, I know how you’re feeling, I have been there, TWICE! My first was a terrible sleeper, she would wake every 45 minutes during the night and only catnapped during the day. My second child wasn’t much better and by 7 months old she was only having one catnap during the day.

People kept telling me it would get better, give it time. I read every book, read every relevant article about baby sleep I could find, but nothing was helping. I was emotionally, mentally and physically drained. My sleep deprivation was taking a toll on my family and health all while trying to care for a toddler and a baby. Well-meaning friends and family kept telling me, “enjoy your baby, they grow up so fast” but I just felt like crying every time – how can you enjoy your baby when you’re struggling with such exhaustion each day?

So, finally I realized I needed expert advice from a baby sleep consultant. I started researching baby sleep experts and consultants in Melbourne, Sydney and all-around Australia. I tried to understand all my options, but, with little brain power, energy and time I had during the day, I found the whole process to be overwhelming.

I vowed that one day, I would create a simple directory to take out the legwork for parents and help them find the right baby/child sleep consultant easier and quicker. Now here it is! Whether you are looking for an in home consult, email, online program, phone or night support you can easily search and be connected to an experienced baby sleep experts around Australia today!

Along the way, I also found a fantastic range of baby sleep products, including some natural remedies that really can provide extra comfort for babies and especially toddlers who may need that extra support, to get to bed and to stay asleep.

Whether your baby is unable to self-settle, must be rocked to sleep, fed to sleep, co-sleeping or if you are desperate for sleep and change, then it may be time to engage an expert sleep consultant.

Before I set you down the path of any expert baby sleep advice, checkout what to ask when hiring a sleep consultant.

So, that’s the story behind Baby Sleep Support. I sincerely hope you find the help you need here on this website. Trust me, I know how you are feeling right now and I know how hard it is, but there are some wonderful professionals and products out there that can and will help you and your baby get the well-earned rest you deserve.