Sleeping Tips for New Mothers

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Shut-eye: it is amazing how becoming a new mum can make you realise how much you took this for granted. But sleep is much more than one of life’s little luxuries. It is essential to our health, wellbeing and life itself. So if your new little bundle is spreading your slumber rather thin, here are some top child sleep consultant tips to help you out:

  1. Sleep when your little one sleeps: when sleep deprivation is kicking around, you need to become an opportunist. That means napping when your baby naps, even if it is just a power nap for some 20 minutes.
  1. Team feeding: hungry little tummies are a key reason for wakeful babies. A key tip from leading child sleep specialist Melbourne is to turn feeding into a team sport. Got a bottle-feeding bub? Set up feeding shifts so you and your partner or support person each take turns at bringing out the bottle while the other gets some much needed, uninterrupted sleep.
  1. Consider a child sleep consultant: alongside combatting extreme parental weariness, settling bub into a sound sleep routine also sets them up to carry this pattern on throughout their lives. Baby Sleep Support has a helpful online directory that connects you with a leading baby sleep specialist Melbourne or baby sleep specialist Adelaide quick. Rest assured that you will find a child sleep consultant that matches your personal needs and parenting style.

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