Toddler Sleep Must-knows

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Toddlers are terrific little people who keep you on your toes as much in sleep as in their waking hours. Sure, toddlers can throw some sleeping curveballs. But you can navigate your way through many of these by getting across the must-knows of toddler sleep. You don’t need a child sleep specialist to do this. But a little expert help is always a supportive bonus, right? So our baby sleep specialists Melbourne and Adelaide have put together this handy list of toddler sleep must-knows to get you started.

  1. Toddlers need 10 to 14 hours of sleep a day. Typically, this means a single daily nap about one to three hours long plus 10+ hours at night
  1. Leading child sleep specialists tell us that everyone has factors on which their healthy sleep depends, and toddlers are no different. From sleeping with a specific snuggly toy or blanket to the soothing sound of relaxing music. Should any of these cues in a toddler’s sleep environment change in the course of the night, they will likely wake up
  1. As busy little people, toddlers can often fall asleep anywhere. But as an experienced child sleep specialist Melbourne, we can advise that consistency is key to healthy routine sleeps. Have a designated napping spot for your toddler so they associate this space with sleep

Here are three toddler sleep must-knows to help you establish healthy slumber routines for your special little person. Toddler sleep can be challenging so do not forget that help is at hand should you need it. Baby Sleep Support is a baby sleep specialist Melbourne and baby sleep specialist Adelaide. Speak with us today on 419134 802.

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