Causes of One Hourly Wake-ups Overnight

Causes of One Hourly Wake-ups overnight

Sleep can be a prized commodity in the early years of parenthood. Maybe you have one of those rock-star babies who sleep through the night while they are still newborns. Or perhaps you get a few months in, turn the corner and suddenly realise that everyone in your household is getting much more sleep. Then, plot twist! Suddenly your baby begins waking up every hour throughout the night. Perhaps they even boycott their daytime sleeps too. What is the meaning of this madness, you may well ask. You have a baby sleep regression on your hands meaning that your little one will likely:

  • Wake up regularly throughout the night, even hourly
  • Become more tricky to settle and soothe before sleep
  • Put up a fight about taking their daytime sleeps

Awaken early from naps that were previously running like clockwork

When does baby sleep regression happen?

Baby sleep regression typically coincide with your little one learning new tricks and hitting key developmental milestones. It is common for baby sleep regression to occur at the following developmental intervals:

  • Four-month sleep regression: permanent change is afoot in your baby’s sleep cycle and this can trigger regression
  • Baby sleep regression 8 months: significant brain development is the culprit here, leading to new skills like sitting up, pulling up, crawl and more
  • 10-month sleep regression: now your bub is really kicking physical milestone goals like walking. Meanwhile separation anxiety may kick into gear around this age
  • 15-month-old sleep regression: baby is starting to transition from two-day sleeps to one

18-month sleep regression: tees up closely with your toddler experiencing separation anxiety, teething and growing independence

Baby sleep regression can last up to six weeks. While this time of fussiness and fractured sleep assuredly will come to an end, you may need some support to get through it. Baby Sleep Support has a wonderful team of experienced sleep consultants and sleep aids. Visit today to help your whole family spend more time in the land of nod.

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