Coping with a new baby and sleep deprivation

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Fragmented or broken sleep is known to be a major cause of general fatigue. In addition to this, it also has a significant impact on your thinking and how you cope with your daily activities. And of course, with a new born baby, the load of your day-to- day work increases tenfold. So, you need even more energy in order to manage all your responsibilities.

But how do you do that when your baby cries throughout the night and you’re left with a meagre hour or two of sleep?

Here are a few tips to help new mums deal with sleep deprivation while taking care of a newborn baby:

  • Sleep while your baby is sleeping – It may be tempting to do other things when your baby is
    sleeping (there is so much peace and quiet!). But, ask an experienced nurse and they will advise you to make up for all the lost sleep during this time.

It’s best to put all pending tasks on hold and take a nap while your baby is asleep. Choose a dark, cool room for napping and avoid watching TV or playing with your phone because this might prevent you from getting sleep quickly.

  • Don’t hesitate to get help – Several mothers don’t accept the idea of a babysitter, friend or family member helping with the baby while they sleep for a couple of hours. It is important for new mums to understand that sleep isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. So, it is absolutely okay to seek help from trustworthy people including neighbors and babysitters.
  • Drink warm milk to initiate sleep – You may find it difficult to return to sleep after feeding your baby at night. A good way to initiate sleep during this time is to have some warm milk as it has a soothing effect on the body.
  • Talk to a baby sleep consultant – sometimes we’ve tried all we can to help to put baby to sleep in the most efficient and effective way. Contacting a baby sleep consultant that is right for you and your child could do you wonders in giving you direction on where to start to get your life and sleep back.
  • Natural Remedies – Maybe your baby needs to be distracted, comfortable or needs a toy to hold at night. Natural sleeping aids like a baby sleeping bag, books, apps, natural remedies, night lights and or comforters may be exactly what your baby needs to sleep easier at night.

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